Top Real Estate Agent  Aliyah Martinez

My name is Aliyah Martinez and I am a top real estate agent. My area of operation includes cities such as Davie, Miramar, Weston, Hollywood, Cooper City, and Fort Lauderdale. As the American economy slowly recovers, many people have started seeking innovative ways of securing residential properties. While both sellers and buyers around Fort Lauderdale Florida Broward County are a bit hesitant, confidence has been coming back into the real estate business. The property bubble of 2011 – 2012 seems to be behind us – or so do the top analysts say. Getting a good Fort Lauderdale Realtor can be a herculean task though. Caution is the new ‘buzz’ in the real estate market.

I am proud to say that I am one of the top agents that have worked very hard to restore the confidence in the market. As if to proof this, I also have top agent reviews from the customers that I have done business. Good reputation is the hallmark of our business and I have sought to enshrine this in all my business dealings. This has helped me emerge among a host of other realtors in the market and handle over 100 short sales. Having been a realtor for 10 years full time, I fully understand the dynamics that fuel the demand and supply of properties in Florida. You would be interested to know that as an expert in the area, I am certified to handle Foreclosures, Short Sales and Residential Property. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, I can be your listing agent. Most people find it hard to believe that they can find a bargain in this market. Well, I do help first time buyers, and if you are one of them, you have just hit the jackpot. In my services, you will find the house you have been looking for at a very reasonable price. Why? Because I handle both sellers and buyers. At any particular time I have a seller who is looking to sell a good piece of real property and a buyer who is desperate for a good house, in a good neighborhood. I will happily facilitate this transaction at very reasonable fees.

As a top rated Miramar, FL realtor, I have been able to help people find their dream houses. There is nothing that makes me happier than a smile on the customer’s face once he sees what he has been looking for through my help. This is not just a profession for me. It is a way of life. I therefore endeavour to give the best effort for every customer who approaches me. I have gained reputation as a top Remax agent through sheer hard work and ability to meet customer expectations. Like all other forms of business, customer satisfaction is what drives up sales in the real estate market. From customer queries, customer feedback, customer budget, to special needs such as disability, my business model is to take a thorough analysis of what the customer needs vis-à-vis his financial abilities and then going out in the market and getting the best property he can get. I am a perfectionist and will not accept anything less than the best for my customers. This model has worked before for me and it will always work. When many of my worthy competitors are struggling to make a sale, I have been getting referrals from my customers. 

As the real estate market returns to normalcy, I am a happy realtor. I couldn’t bear the heartbreak whenever people lost their homes in the last 5 years. Making a happy family depends so much on a good house. With people slowly getting good houses, the ‘happy index’ will increase, and hence a healthier and happier nation. You can get more information about me from prospective and past customers at Just look up Aliyah Martinez Miramar, Fl. Or -AliyahMartinez

Aliyah Martinez
Aliyah Martinez